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Fifteen Important African Events in November You Need To Know!!

Fifteen Important African Events in November You Need To Know!!

Fifteen Most Important AFRICAN Events in November You Need To Know!!


Did you get our last mail?? 

Last week we sent out a list of African events from various African countries for November you shouldn’t miss on. We hope to send that for every month, so watch out for that email! In the meantime we want this blog post to be an update on that. Do you know if we missed any African events or festival for this month? Please let us know in the comment section.

African events: A Traditional Outdoor Decoration by Secunda Tents and Events

Traditional Outdoor Decoration by Secunda Tents and Events 

November 1

  • Algeria: Anniversary of Revolution

On 1 November 1954 members of the National Liberation Front (NLF) started a revolution in Algeria against the French government. It was a call for restoring the Algerian state which followed the principles of Islam. Soon a broke out and lasted for 7 years, 4 months, 2 weeks and 4 days, in the end, Algeria won its independence from France. 

November 2

  • Angola: All Souls’ Day

This day was created to honour the over 3 million lives lost during the 7-year long war. 

  • Mauritius: Arrival of Indentured labourers

In 1834 indentured labourers were shipped to Mauritius to work on sugarcane farms and industries, they dreamt of a better life but were turned into slaves. The soil they stepped on became a National heritage site. 

November 5

  • Mali: Baptism of the prophet.

The Prophet's Baptism is a national holiday in Mali on the seventh day after the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. This is the only country that does so.

  • Liberia: Thanksgiving Day

Liberia was founded by freed African-American slaves, although thanksgiving is quite similar to the American version they use it to celebrate their freedom and foundation. 

November 6

  • Morocco: Anniversary of the Green March

The green March was a protest against the Spanish forces ruling them, over 300,000 Moroccans marched several kilometres to the front of the government house. Although peaceful, it became a full-blown war between the Moroccans and the Spanish leaders, the war lasted for 17 years. Morocco later won the war. 

November 8 

  • South Sudan: Grandparents day

It’s a day that basically celebrates the existence of grandchildren and also filled with blessings, teachings and stories from grandparents; a reminder of their strengths of old and the new opportunities they have. 

November 11

  • Angola: Independence Day

Well, nothing much here, just a regular African country getting back its independence from the Portuguese forces in 1975!

November 12

  • Comoros: Maore day

Comoros are a tribe living on an unsuitable land in Mozambique greatly surrounded by volcanoes. They’re one of the poorest nations in the world. This celebration honours their fight against the French forces. 

November 14

  • Mauritius and Kenya; Diwali Celebration 

Diwali is called the “Festival of Lights”, a holiday celebrated by Hindus. It is an optional holiday in African countries. 

November 15

  • Côte d'Ivoire: National peace day

This day was created by the government in an attempt to show national unity and patriotism to its citizens and country but there’s still tension in Côte d’Ivoire. 

November 18

  • Morocco: Independence Day

This serves as an anniversary to the day the Sultan Mohammed of the Moroccans announced the end of the Spanish and French rule over their lands in 1955.

November 28

  • Congo: Republic Day
  • Chad: Proclamation of the republic.

November 29

  • Liberia: William Tubman's birthday

This holiday is to celebrate the memory and honour of the 17th president of Liberia and longest-serving president. He is known as “father of modern Liberia", he was responsible for bringing glory to the country, establishing systems and pushing policies that helped shape the country. 

A place for African events.

Image of an African Safari by Paul Johnson 

Every African event is beautiful, special and significant to the African community. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on these events!!

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