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About Us

At Our Ancestories, we know that there is a deep divide between the truth of African history and the common understanding of it. We strive to bridge this gap through various means including stories, merchandise, and other informational content. Our desire is to make African history more mainstream filling a void that has been missing for years. We believe this will positively affect the modern generations in providing identity. Ultimately, we know that rediscovering African history will help create a better future.

My goal is to showcase the many feats accomplished by these legendary figures through captivating children’s books. I’d like to remedy the widespread ignorance about Africa’s past.

To do this, I’m reconstructing the stories surrounding our ancestors. They are free of the racial prejudice inherited from the slave trade and colonization.

Our Ancestories – Bringing Ancient African History to Today’s Kids

To honor our ancestors, we must remember them. The vision of this organization is to nudge the world towards a point where:

– There is an avid learning culture for African history.

– People of African descent are at least as exposed to African history as we are to Western history.

– Africans look more to our history as we pave a way for the future.

– Legends that make up African history are mainstream and are introduced to children across the globe.