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South Africa Develops COVID-19 Test Kits With Results In 1 Hour

South Africa Develops COVID-19 Test Kits With Results In 1 Hour

Africa has really proven as force dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. With all hands on deck, the continent as a whole is fighting to flatten to the curve. In South Africa, Daniel Ndima and Dineo Lioma have made a massive impact. They have created COVID-19 test kits that provide results in 65 minutes.

COVID-19 in Africa

Within weeks of COVID-19 reaching Africa, the virus spread to a dozen countries and impacted millions of people. Governments across the continent worked quickly to limit widespread infections. With the support of the World Health Organization, Africa aimed to detect the virus early. It did this by providing thousands of COVID-19 test kits. Today, the continent — made up of 54 countries — has 84,521 confirmed positive cases and 2,759 deaths. Every country in Africa has now reported cases, and are all fighting to keep the number of deaths down.

Africa’s Contribution To The COVID-19 Pandemic

African scientists and engineers have turned to homegrown solutions, but are these solutions making an impact? From contact-tracing apps to low-cost ventilators, Africa has to create smart ways to deal with this virus. But one of the most trailblazing creations is the 65 minute COVID-19 test kits.

65 Minute COVID-19 Test Kits

Created by the dynamic duo of Ndima and Lioma, the COVID-19 test kits are groundbreaking. Ndima and Lioma work for South African-based CapeBio. CapeBio is a company that develops and manufactures molecular biology kits. Currently, the turnaround time for COVID-19 testing results is one to three weeks. Therefore, having test kits that can give results within 65 minutes is truly groundbreaking.

Why Is COVID-19 Testing Important?

Continuous testing is essential in the global fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. Not only does testing identify infected people, but it also helps to show how the virus is spreading in various areas. Therefore, large-scale testing is essential, but the turnaround for results is slow. This makes it highly dangerous if patients don’t self-isolate. Having an effective, fast testing program allows health workers to understand the disease. It also gives those who test positive the opportunity to be treated. With quicker COVID-19 test kits, decisions can be made quicker. This will ultimately help slow down the spread of the virus.

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