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Black Homeschooling Facebook Groups That Will Help You With Your Homeschool Journey

Facebook Groups For Black Homeschoolers

Social media is powerful tool that allows us to connect with people so easily and conveniently. And for Black or African American homeschoolers, it is also a wonderful resource.

Homeschooling can be overwhelming at times. Many families are using Facebook to connect with other homeschooling families, share information and advice, build friendships, and access resources helpful to their child's education. Researching in black homeschooling Facebook groups is a great way to ease the stress of homeschooling as a black homeschooler. 

There are hundreds of groups on Facebook catering to various needs, such as religious, racial, unschooling, among many others. We have compiled a list of homeschooling Facebook groups where black families can easily access resources and find encouragement and support as they go through their homeschooling journey.

Kindly note that we do not endorse any of these groups, and some groups may require you to join first. It is up to you to choose what group best fits you and your child(ren). 

African American Home School Network 

The African American Home School network group encourages and promotes African American Homeschool families. Black families can find Afrocentric homeschool resources, a curriculum section and co-op groups in their local communities. 

African American Homeschool Holistic Living 

If you are a black homeschooling family looking for a group with holistic living, lifestyle, health and wellness, and education, this is the group for you.

African American Homeschool Moms 

The African American Homeschool Moms group is a community of black moms sharing homeschooling curriculum advice, homeschooling resources, and encouragement. 

African American STEAM Club 

African American families in this group share their love and homeschooling resources in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). 

African American Unschoolers 

Black unschooling is a movement that more and more African American parents are pursuing. Rather than following a set curriculum, African American unschoolers follow a curiosity-led approach. In this group, members gain access to the philosophy, strategies and concepts of African American Unschooling.

African Centered Homeschoolers 

Parents searching for an African-centered education curriculum; this is a community to join. It is full of African-centered homeschoolers who get together and network alongside teaching their children according to their cultural needs.

African History and Culture for Early Years 

The African History and Culture for Early Years group seeks to provide inclusive resources for teaching kids about African history and culture.

Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association

The Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association is for families focusing on Afrocentric homeschooling, black-oriented, black-positive, and pro-black self-education. 

Black Family Homeschool Educators & Scholars Resource Group

The black family homeschool educators & scholars resource group is a resourced-based group catering to black homeschoolers, educators, and scholars. 

Black Homeschool Families 

Black homeschool families support families already homeschooling or want to start their journey with their black or multi-racial children. 

Black Homeschoolers Traveling Together 

Black homeschoolers who travel would benefit from this group because they get a chance to connect with fellow black travelling homeschooling families for international adventures.

Homeschooling Activities for Black Toddlers and Beyond 

This group provides homeschool activities for black toddlers and beyond. In the group, parents can find learning activities for toddlers, development activities for kids, activity ideas for toddlers, and much more.

Homeschooling Black Families

Homeschooling Black Families gather and share their experiences, resources and advice on what they have learnt over the years. Kindly note that this group is specifically for black families in the United States.

Homeschooling for Black Freethinkers 

This is a community of non-religious and free-thinking black people homeschooling to raise black freethinkers. 

The Black Homeschoolers Connection 

The Black Homeschoolers Connection is a positive and safe space for homeschoolers who are black, African American, melanated, biracial/mixed, and aboriginals. Members share ways of empowering their children and having difficult conversations.

We Homeschool Too (Black Families)

 We homeschool too is a group where black homeschooling families share homeschool tips, homeschool advice, and homeschooling resources. Kindly note that this group is specifically for black families living in New Jersey in the United States.

We thought we would also add some bonus resources for homeschooling families because you can never have too many resources. Instead of groups, we are adding a couple of pages catering to black homeschooling families. If you are interested, you can check out:

Able to Teach

Able to Teach is a page dedicated to empowering families that have chosen the path of homeschooling. The page celebrates the black experience through picture books, helpful articles and resources. 

African American History Homeschooling Group 

The African American History Homeschooling Group is a page for parents who want to teach their children about African American/black history. 

Black Families Homeschooling Our Children To Excellence 

Black Families Homeschooling Our Children To Excellence is a platform for black families to take control of their children's education through homeschooling. 


If you decide to homeschool your child, you will not be alone. You can get a lot of help from other parents through the Facebook groups listed here. They are great resources for encouragement and support as you go through your homeschooling journey. What groups or pages would you recommend? Let us know below!

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