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8 Christmas Activities for Kids

8 Christmas Activities for Kids

Christmas is a season for all things cool, hot, colorful and cheerful. Although 2020 has been hard on all of us, it's moments like this that feels a little less locked up. As some of us get to celebrate this Christmas at home we decided to share a few activities for the entire family or just for the kids.

8 Christmas Activity For Kids

1, Create a paper Christmas tree: This has got to be the easiest on this list, get over 48 images of different shapes and colorful looks that features the Christmas decorations. Second step is to make an almost invisible outline on the wall of a Christmas tree, then paste those festive images on the wall and Voila! A DIY paper Christmas tree is ready. PS: You can also try more DIY projects for some outdoor decorations.

2. Have your kids been to a Christmas tree farm before? Get the entire family out, enjoy a little cold and the tree hunting experience. A little fun snow fight between two teams or more in a mini forest won’t hurt.

3. Baking cookies in different shapes. The beauty about the holidays isn’t just decorations but the delicious cookies and hot chocolates we get to take with family, so why not get baking with the kids? It opens for more time bonding and playful cookies shapes and creation; cookie houses, cookie cars, cookie pets etc.

4. Let’s play Secret Santa; ask the kids to come up with DIY gifts they think would be appropriate so they get to play Santa.

5. Start a book collection, collect books that talk about a genre you’re interested in. For example; collect African children books that highlights African legends, black history books that highlights black history, or even a Santa, Elf or Reindeer collection etc.

6. Hot chocolate with the family and sharing scary, adventurous or funny stories to the kids under the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. Super cute, interactive and very interesting, helps make for a great family tradition.

7. DIY Christmas cards with handwritten notes to their friends and your co-workers; you can share funny incidents about school or ones that happened in the office.

8. Do you want something just for the kids so you have some alone time? Get printable coloring sheets that helps widen their history knowledge, for entertainment or shows they’re familiar with. Check out this over 40 paged worksheet below!

Happy holidays and we hope you have fun with these suggested Christmas activities for kids.

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