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Imhotep of Ancient Kemet

Over 4,000 years ago, in ancient Egypt, a young boy named Imhotep was born. From a young age, he excelled and quickly became known as a genius. 

Imhotep had the ability to see through difficult problems and was often trying new techniques and experiments. He had many talents, and as an architect, Imhotep designed the step pyramid at Sakkara—one of the most incredible structures in ancient history. The step pyramid still stands strong today. 

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Imhotep of Ancient Kemet

  • In the pages of this book, you'll discover the Egypt known to Imhotep, as he grows from a curious young man into one of the most successful, intelligent, and well-known men in ancient Egypt.

Maximize Their Learning Potential

Help your children succeed by developing not just a love for their culture but also the love for learning through reading.


An Inspirational and Educational Children's Book

Imhotep of Ancient Kemet is a tribute to the many talents of one of ancient Egypt's greatest minds. Imhotep's story teaches children the importance of embracing their unique abilities and pursuing their dreams. With its captivating narrative and beautiful illustrations, Imhotep of Ancient Kemet is a book that will inspire and delight children of all ages.
Whether you're looking to introduce your child to history, or science, or simply encourage them to be curious about the world around them, Imhotep of Ancient Kemet is the perfect choice.

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Authors Corner

Who’s Ekiuwa Aire?

“Hi, my name is Ekiuwa Aire, the author at Our Ancestories. 

As a mother of two, born and raised in Benin City, Nigeria, I noticed a lack of diversity in the children’s bookstore section. 

Most importantly, I noticed a lack of narrative from African history. We have a rich history that started long before colonization. Stories of African men and women who succeeded against all odds and lived with tales to inspire the next generation... Yet very few books covering their story. 

Although my initial research into my African heritage was motivated by my two daughters, it soon transpired into a mission… 

  • A mission to pass true stories on to the next generation. 
  • A mission to inspire every child with heroes and heroines who represent them. 
  • A mission to bring what's missing in our schooling system to every family. 

I’m happy to say I’m on the path to making this mission a reality. And I am excited to share the stories I’ve discovered about our beautiful heritage with you and your little ones.” - Ekiuwa Aira

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