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The Lake of Stars

The Lake of Stars

After being listed as one of the most attended music festivals of the continent, the “Lake of Stars festival” has become one of the most fascinating and anticipated events across Africa. It is an inspiring opportunity for young people who want to experience African music in its richness.

Founded in 1998 by Will Jameson, a British tourist visiting Malawi, the first event had only 700 people in attendance but it has since blown up to accommodate thousands of people from Europe and Africa. The most beautiful thing about this festival isn’t just the rich African atmosphere it gives or the form of expression of its people who perform; it’s the charity work it seeks to do.Lake of Stars

Lake of Stars

Attendees’ activities include visiting various orphanages, spending time with the kids, playing games, and being engaged in other various community activities before the main event.

The festival also includes; dancing, performances, TED talks, and even provides a platform for any local artist to show their art to a wider audience. It has helped a lot of popular artists become global sensations.

Lake of Stars Festival organized by volunteers who were vast in the event industry became a national project when the government found it to be lucrative and boosting the local economy. The government was right because soon this event’s total revenue was peaking at over $1 million. The festival which also receives help from the UK music industry helps to promote Malawi as a rich, vibrant, and beautiful country. Today Malawi is regarded as one of the most beautiful tourist vacation spots in Africa.

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