African History For Kids

Books to inspire & empower children with heroes & heroines who represent them! The resource every child needs to uncover their identity & boost their self-esteem.

Help them learn about a rich African history that started long before colonization.

Exquisite & Engaging Illustrations 

Captivating Story Telling

True Stories of African Legends

  • 4 Hardcover Books With Captivating True Stories and Engaging Illustrations.
  • 2 Activity Books For Children to Engage in Active Learning.
  • 4 Lesson Plans To Reinforce Learning.
  • 4 Audiobooks Narrated By Our Incredible African Story Teller.  
  • 4 eBooks for Digital Access to Your Hardcover Books!
  • FREE  Digital 40-Week African History Curriculum Workbook. 





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Books & Resources Your Little Ones Won’t Be Able to Put Down.

Each resource is created to engage children and impart powerful lessons.

Equip your child with a powerful identity, self-esteem, and an understanding of their rich heritage!

Our captivating narratives filled with unique illustrations will keep your little ones engaged and excited to learn.

We provide future generations with what they miss in the current schooling system. Simple, true stories of African legends, each with a lesson to teach.

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Authors Corner

Who’s Ekiuwa Aire?

“Hi, my name is Ekiuwa Aire, the author at Our Ancestories. 

As a mother of two, born and raised in Benin City, Nigeria, I noticed a lack of diversity in the children’s bookstore section. 

Most importantly, I noticed a lack of narrative from African history. We have a rich history that started long before colonization. Stories of African men and women who succeeded against all odds and lived with tales to inspire the next generation... Yet very few books covering their story. 

Although my initial research into my African heritage was motivated by my two daughters, it soon transpired into a mission… 

  • A mission to pass true stories on to the next generation. 
  • A mission to inspire every child with heroes and heroines who represent them. 
  • A mission to bring what's missing in our schooling system to every family. 

I’m happy to say I’m on the path to making this mission a reality. And I am excited to share the stories I’ve discovered about our beautiful heritage with you and your little ones.” - Ekiuwa Aira

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