Children’s 8-Week Journey Through Africa ($14.49 $0)

A step-by-step curriculum designed by the award-winning author, Ekiuwa Aire! 8 Weeks jam-packed with bite-sized lessons & engaging activities, right to your inbox - FREE.

“I really liked this curriculum! It’s bite-sized and manageable while giving a comprehensive look into Africa. I used it with my 6 & 8-year-old, who both liked it in different ways."

- Jocelyn 

"Whether in the classroom or homeschooling, I really appreciated the content, especially on the lesser-known empire and kingdoms."

- Melissa

"This curriculum is phenomenal! Broken into really short lessons which are engaging with questions, and help with vocabulary expansion."

- Tamara

“I am completely amazed! The workbook builds reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. The look, ask and write sections are amazing and provide an opportunity for children of all cultures to find areas that they can identify or relate with!”
- Erica

The Ultimate African History Curriculum ($14.49 $0)

Bite-Sized Yet Comprehensive:

Everything from life in ancient Africa to the origins of Tutankhamun’s golden mask. Help children discover their heritage.

Bored Proof:

We know it’s for children. No boring stories or tasks… Everything is designed to keep the little ones engaged with minimum effort from parents. 

Award-Winning Author:

The “Best Book For Young Kids” award is just one of many given to Ekiuwa Aire! Not only is her African curriculum engaging, but also effective thanks to her expertise.